Recruitment Services (Umbrella Company)

Managing candidate’s requirements and expectations entails multifaceted responsibilities, from coordination with the recruitment agency and clients on one side to local authorities and institutions on the other. This is critical for both the candidate and the client since an “unhappy” candidate or client can have serious consequences on performance and deliverables.

We are aware of these responsibilities and therefore systematically work on a very personal level with the candidate towards success in every placement project. How?

· A reliable and efficient partner in the field who takes over the responsibilities so the contractor can concentrate on the job in hand.

· Prompt and accurate payroll management services, adherence to local and national laws and requirements.

· Comprehensive contractor care on a personal level even before the contractor arrives in Switzerland to take up his assignment.

This is why the relationship between
Inharmony and our candidates is much closer than elsewhere.

As an Inharmony candidate you can rely on the following services:

·        Personal assistance throughout your assignment. E.g. we even pick you up from the airport before you begin your contract.

·        Relocation services.

·        Tax advice.

·        Assistance.

·        Professional problem management.



· To offer comprehensive contractor management (Umbrella Company) services to the agency and end client.

· To co-ordinate client, recruitment agency and contractor needs into a unified supply chain.

Client Requirements – The Agency

· Contractor placement with a reliable and efficient partner in the field.

· Prompt and accurate financial management services.

· Comprehensive contractor care in the field.

Customer Requirements – The End Client

· Acquisition of a contractor‘s services and know-how at the best price from an efficient and reliable partner.

· Punctual and accurate payroll management services.

· Wide-ranging contractor care in the field, including assurance that all legal obligations are met.

Key Benefits

· A partner company which speaks your own language.

· Contact to the market via a partner organisation with skills and hands-on experience in customer relations and marketing.

· Transparency of service.

· Faster, more professional and reliable administration of your account.


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